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Experiencing the four seasons in the U.S. during a Student Exchange Program

Experiencing the four seasons in the U.S. during a Student Exchange Program

Going on a student exchange program in a foreign country can be a thrilling adventure, thanks to the brand-new experiences which the students will face during their academic year overseas. 

When a student enters a foreign country in a different hemisphere for the first time, the earliest dissimilarity they are most likely to feel is the weather in the area. It is crucial for the exchange students to learn about the climate of their study destinations before departure, as they are spending months in a place not only far from home but also with very different meteorological features. Otherwise, even the slightest changes can lead to culture shock or even health problems. 

The United States of America, the most popular destination for Cambodian students, is the ideal model to study the climate because of its great variety of climatic conditions. In simple words, heading from north to south or from west to east of country one can face both severe touches of frost and debilitating heat.

During summer in the US (June-August), northern states enjoy warm — even hot — days and cooler mornings and nights, while southern states and tropical areas experience sweltering temperatures.

Meanwhile, from September to November, temperatures begin to cool. This time of the year, leaves change to beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange, making it a welcome season in northern regions.

Then comes the exciting winter in December-February, when many northern regions often get snow and colder temperatures. The southern states, on the other hand, only see a fairly mild climate, making it a popular winter vacation destination.

In March, Spring starts. The snow melts as temperatures begin to warm up. Thunderstorms and rainstorms are common across the country into the summer months.

At ICES Cambodia, the leading provider of the international High School Exchange program in the country, it is always ensured that enrolling students are prepared well to go on their life-changing journey. ICES pre-departure training and post-arrival consultation equip students for potential dissimilarities, including climate and weather, and as the result, they are now having “meteoritical fun” in the U.S.

Rathreacheany Samat, an exchange student from ICES Cambodia who is spending her exchange year in Wisconsin, says this fall is one of the prettiest things she has ever seen. 

“There are leaves falling everywhere on the sidewalks so it’s just beautiful,” she said. “Seeing the leave change color is a new experience for me since Cambodia is warm all year round.”

Rathreacheany is also looking forward to her first Halloween at the end of October. 

“There are pumpkins almost everywhere. Some houses even started decorating already for Halloween,” she added.  

“I’m really looking forward to winter. I heard from my host family that Wisconsin gets a lot of snow. It’s not too cold yet, but last week, it dropped to 6°C so it was quite chilly for me. I bought some new clothes to prepare for the cold.”

Meanwhile, Sonalen Saing, another exchange student from Cambodia, is also enjoying Fall in Oklahoma.

“The change of weather and leaves in Oklahoma isn’t dramatically obvious, but there’s more wind and the temperature dropped a little which makes it one of my favorite things in the morning,” she said. 

“The seasonal and Halloween decoration in classrooms and other places sure does prove that it is indeed Autumn.”

The four-season climate and all the related festivals are a huge part of the student exchange program overseas, but there are way more things you can enjoy in the once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Go for it by signing for a High School Exchange Program with ICES Cambodia.

For more information on how you can join the High School Student Exchange Program with ICES Cambodia, as well as the program fees and application process, please contact 077 777 244 or 098 686 901. To be eligible, you must pass the English Proficiency Test provided by ICES Cambodia and have a good academic record (Average “C” in main subjects for the past 3 years). Register now to take the English Test: https://forms.gle/3qifKLu79f4hx5uB7  .