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ICES Cambodia’s Chealeang speaks on a thrilling trip to Orlando

ICES Cambodia’s Chealeang speaks on a thrilling trip to Orlando

Besides the opportunity to experience different cultures and academic experiences, one big perk of going on an exchange program is to be able to travel to various nearby places apart from the study destination. For instance, if you are studying in the U.S., it will not be difficult to visit nearby states or even neighboring Canada.

This is a great occasion to see parts of the world you might not have otherwise visited and the journey can teach you a lot about the world, and Chealeang Ear, an exchange student from ICES Cambodia, has just witnessed her first trip outside of her state.

Spending her academic year in Oklahoma, where she is attending Mustang High School, Chealeang visited Orlando in early October, which is home to over a dozen world-renowned theme parks, with her host family the Watts. As Chealeang expected, the trip to Florida’s “The City Beautiful” turned out to be the best vacation she ever had so far.  

On the first day of the trip, the new girl in town went to Disney World and met the cartoon characters she used to watch on TV during her childhood. 

“My host sister Kiersten and I went on a lot of rides like the roller coaster,” Chealeang said. “I got to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse, visited the Disney Star Wars Land, and did a little shopping. It was a wonderful day.”

The fun continued on the second day, on which the family went on a day trip to Universal Studios. Chealeang enjoyed even more rides and visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jurassic Park

“I visited the wand shop and bought the Harry Potter Wand and Kiersten got a Hermione Granger Wand,” Chealeang added. “I rode the Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure and even got to try the non-alcoholic butterbeer.”


The third day of the trip was all about relaxation. Chealeang spent the whole day with her host family by the hotel’s poolside, swimming and chilling out, as she was saving the energy for another great day tomorrow.  

“On Day 4, we went to SeaWorld Orlando, and I rode some more exciting rides, got to see dolphins and other sea creatures,” she added.   

On the last day, after some shopping, the family flew back home to Oklahoma, all exhausted but also delighted with their adventure. For Chealeang, it means an unforgettable memory. 

“It’s hard for me to choose my favorite part of the trip because every day was enjoyable,” she says, smiling. “The five-day trip was full of adventure, fun, joy, and unforgettable memories.” 

If you are an active traveler, you are likely to kill two birds with one stone if you are going on a student exchange program. So why wait until it is too late? Sign up for the exchange program with ICES Cambodia and go on a thrilling adventure overseas right now!

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