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A Voice from ICES Cambodia’s New Generation: Why Participate in a Study Exchange Program?

A Voice from ICES Cambodia’s New Generation: Why Participate in a Study Exchange Program?

Written by: Laykim Taing, ICES Cambodia Generation 3

Even If we have received sufficient education in Cambodia, we can always endeavor to broaden the scope of our knowledge by going abroad. Studying abroad, meanwhile, allow us to become a new version of ourselves. 

Going on adventures in foreign countries alone means bringing out a new version of ourselves as we do not stay with or see the family or friends that we are used to. We will meet new people and make friends as we stay there. Studying abroad has many other benefits apart from the opportunities to explore and experience new places, new cultures, and new traditions that are different from our home country. It will allow us to advance our learning and improve our English language skills through learning about the places and talking to the locals. 

Furthermore, studying in a nation other than your own provides a completely new experience and adventure. I am also really enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge in several fields. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the things that makes the whole experience so valuable and worthwhile. It may be hard at first, but once we get used to it, it will be filled with adventure and excitement—not to mention that we will be able to meet new friends from different places all over the world!

 Additionally, studying abroad allows you to learn new languages, enjoy other cultures, overcome the hardships of living in a different country, and get a better awareness of the world, all of which may benefit us when applying to top universities all over the world. By participating in exchange programs, we will not only obtain knowledge of the foreign curriculum but also improve our communication skills, which will help us become more confident and approachable. 

As for me, I will be going to the United States, which is a very diverse and one of the most developed countries where there is a lot to explore. By going there, I will be able to enhance my skills and become a better version of myself.

ICES Cambodia is closing the J1 Program for the 2022-2023 academic year, allows students to study in an accredited high school and live with an American host family in all 50 states for one academic years. However, the F1 Program, designed for students who are looking to study multiple years in the USA and receive a high school diploma, is still open. So it is not too late to join Laykim in the once-in-a-life-time adventure overseas. 

For more information on how you can high school abroad with ICES Cambodia, as well as the program fees and application process, please contact 061 924 141 or 098 686 901. To be eligible, you must pass the English Proficiency Test provided by ICES Cambodia and have a good academic record (Average “C” in main subjects for the past 3 years). Register now to take the English Test: https://forms.gle/3qifKLu79f4hx5uB7.