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ICES Cambodia’s Amra Chamroeun Speaks on Her First Sport Achievement in the U.S.

ICES Cambodia’s Amra Chamroeun Speaks on Her First Sport Achievement in the U.S.

On December 3rd, Foyil Varsity Basketball Team aka “Lady Panthers”, the girl’s basketball team from Foyil High School Claremore, Oklahoma was playing against the Copan High School in a non-conference game.
All players were doing their best to win the game, with double dribbles and triple-doubles. With ranking in the Copan Classic Shoot Out 2021 on the line, they were playing for their schools’ name while also trying to prove their level of athleticism.

It is not usual as athletics is highly regarded in American schools. Sports are always encouraged among teenagers in the U.S., and being good at it can even earn them a full-ride scholarship to play sports in college. In fact, according to data from the National Federation of State High School Associations, about 8 million high school students, more than half of the States’ total number, took part in interscholastic sports.
Among the Lady Panthers on the field is Amra Chamroeun, a 16-year-old exchange student from ICES Cambodia. Playing in the defense and blocking the opponents from reaching her team’s basket, it was barely believable that she started playing basketball only a few months ago, briefly upon her arrival in the U.S.

Amra had been practicing very hard with her team for the tournament.
“I have practice 2 hours almost every day and sometimes there are few games a week,” she said after the game. “If it’s a home game, I go cheered for the boy’s team after I play.”
And their hard work paid off. The Foyil Varsity Basketball Team dominated their opponent by a score of 45-37. The victory placed them in 2nd place in this year’s Copan Classic Shoot Out.
Amra was proud of the achievement, despite missing 1st place. For her, each and every game is exciting.
“It was amazing, and I’m so proud of my team,” she said. “In the weekend that followed, we just had another tournament and we got 4th place. It was fun as well.”
For Amra, the coach and the other Lady Panthers had significant roles in her moving higher in the sport.
“When I first started playing basketball, it was physically challenging and difficult for me to get used to the practice routine every day,” Amra said.
“I’m so grateful to have the team and coaches that I have now. They are supportive and encouraging to everyone so we can get better each day.”
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