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“No Typical Working Day”, says ICES Cambodia Staff

“No Typical Working Day”, says ICES Cambodia Staff

Serycheat Phuong, a fresh International Relations graduate from Paragon International University, has recently joined ICES Cambodia, an organization specializing in expert consultation and affordable high school study abroad programs.

Serving as an International Relations Officer, Sereycheat realizes that she has a lot to learn from her experienced team, as she keeps running into new challenges every day. In the early stage of her young career, it did not take long for Sereycheat to be impressed by her team’s level of expertise and commitment.  

“One thing that impresses me the most is the attitude of the people here who are very supportive and passionate about their work,” she says.  

“The individuals come from different backgrounds and skill sets; however, we share the same goals.”

Simultaneously, Sereycheat is also feeling accomplished while she is assisting many students in achieving their dreams of studying abroad. 

“The great thing is I get to work not only with colleagues but also with young talented students who are determined to spend their high school year abroad in the next few months,” she explains  

“I have the pleasure of working with young teens because they impressed me with their ability through communication and how they carry themselves.” 

From her observation, Sereycheat noticed that each student has their own unique talents and skills, for example, some of them are good at writing, whilst the others are good at speaking or drawing. Yet, those who come up to join the exchange program, as she perceived, have several things in common. Most of them are mature, brave, easygoing and smart. 

“Also, for those who are currently enjoying their exchange year in the US, are doing so well in their studies and getting along with new people and host family. I can see that they’ve changed dramatically over the past few months,” she adds.  

“They are becoming more confident, independent, and open-minded as the days go by. This is one of the factors that make me love my job.”

Sereycheat describes her working day at ICES Cambodia as “atypical” because the role requires her to learn new things and acquire new knowledge on a daily basis.  

“Since the day I started working here, I have been involved in training with students and parents to orient them about studying abroad,” she says.  

“Moreover, I have developed my communication skills through working with people from different departments. I really like my working environment because it allows me to grow and gain key professional skills like planning, organizing, and being professional.” 

Sereycheat called ICES Cambodia a place where she can see lots of improvement in herself for both practical and social aspects. 

“Overall, I am grateful that I have an opportunity to work at ICES Cambodia because it marks the first professional job of my career,” she adds.  “Most importantly, I could not be more thankful to be able to work with a team who gives me good guidance and contributions to this journey.”

Sereycheat and her colleagues are working tirelessly to help many achieve their dream of studying abroad. And you can count on them too if you also have that dream. Don’t wait until college; join the high school study abroad program with ICES Cambodia!

For more information on how you can join ICES Cambodia, as well as the program fees and application process, please contact 098 686 901 or 061 924 141. To be eligible, you must pass the English Proficiency Test provided by ICES Cambodia and have a good academic record (Average “C” in main subjects for the past 3 years). Register now to take the English Test: https://forms.gle/3qifKLu79f4hx5uB7