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The Differences Between Cambodian Education and American Education

The Differences Between Cambodian Education and American Education

Education is globally considered as the main factor for development and it supports prosperity in life. Many countries have their own unique and various adaptations in their education system. This is no exception for Cambodia and America, the distinctive strategies as well as essential efforts are provided for their students to get high quality of knowledge. Let’s find out the differences between the two countries’ education systems. 

In recent years, Cambodia has been faced with many challenges and struggles in building its education system. Cambodia has made great efforts in improving the education sector, including the establishment of schools at all levels, from kindergarten to primary school, secondary school and high school. 

According to an Educational Science Specialist of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, the education sector in this country has improved according to the times, the situation of the country and the will of the country’s leaders. Education is provided to students and focuses on building technical, professional and specialized skills that pave the way for future careers.

In additional, Cambodia has entered a new stage in the development of its education sector, which needs to focus on strengthening basic education as well as the quality of education in a comprehensive systematic national economic framework.

Education in Cambodia is regulated by the government through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports at the national level and the provincial education department. It has limited schools such as kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, universities, training and vocational training (for teachers) and non-formal vocational education. Currently, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is working to encourage the education sector, youth and sports as a whole to work together to meet social and economic needs. It also has integrated modern curricula in line with national and international standards and technological advances to ensure a potential education to meet the needs of the labor market and the country’s competition as same as neighboring countries.

Looking at the education and school system in America is different from other countries and very different from state to state, as each state has its own public school system. There are public, private, and private high schools, while public schools are free. However, parents are allowed to choose any public or private school for their children.

In America, higher education is usually divided into bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, and doctorate. American universities emphasize the importance of diversity, which means that each class will have students of different ages, religions, and countries of origin. Therefore, it provides a rich and diverse learning environment that promotes cultural understanding and interconnection.

According to Neak Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach, a Cambodian American educationist, and is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Mengly J. Quach Education, going to high school in America is no different than studying in Cambodia, just that studying there offers more activities, learning methods, and more opportunities to meet friends and participating in extra-curricular activities such as sports.

He also stressed that the education system in America is to make students broad-minded, brave and confident. America is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds so students meet friends from all nations, cultures and traditions. Studying in a new environment and being exposed to different cultures allow students to become more mature, he added.

To this day, many students dream of sharing experiences as well as acquiring knowledge in America. In addition to being educated, students can also enjoy great excursions and learn from the outside world. So, if you are interested in studying in America, ICES Cambodia is here to show you the way. Join the exchange program to continue the exciting adventure and study experience!

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