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Essential Benefits of Studying Abroad in High School

Essential Benefits of Studying Abroad in High School

While it might sound like a scary thought to some parents for sending their children to another part of the world, it can be worth it. In fact, studying abroad can offer you an exciting and adventurous lifestyle. It brings you beneficial experiences, both in culture and language; but why should students choose to study abroad during their high school years? 

High school abroad program is one of the greatest opportunities to explore the world and have an eye-opening experience. Travelling to a whole new country allows you to see different lifestyles, visit wonderful places, and meet new people. It prepares you to jump right into the real world at a young age, as you can learn to be more independent and confident.

Since you start living on your own, you are free to figure out for an exciting exploration; for sure the biggest chance awaits you. It offers you a possibility to learn about yourself, either to find out who you really are, or who you want to be. This is also a chance to make international friends and build lifelong friendships. 

Moreover, if you choose to study abroad, it means you leave your home for the first time to a place with people from different backgrounds and cultural perspectives. Of course, you will be able to find incredible foods, outlooks, traditions, as well as social atmospheres. Once you step into your study destination, you will feel like stepping into an environment of a new language, and there is no better way than to use it every day and turn it into your master skill.

Now chances are in your hands. When you finish your program, surely you return home with new perspectives on culture, language skills, and international education. Needless to say, all of these pave way to your future careers.

If you are an active traveler and learner, why not do it as soon as possible? You do not have to wait until college to study abroad. Join the High School Study Abroad Program with ICES Cambodia now!

ICES Cambodia is now accepting Generation 4 students. The ICES High School Study Abroad Program is now open for the 2023-2024 academic year. For more information on how you can high school abroad with ICES Cambodia, as well as the program fees and application process, please contact 061 924 141 or 098 686 901. 

To be eligible, you must pass the English Proficiency Test provided by ICES Cambodia and have a good academic record (Average “C” in main subjects for the past 3 years). Register now to take the English Test on 7th May 2022 via: https://forms.gle/kssVi53beRzEQYmY6.